Aspire to be a Digital Teacher?

Everything is going digital. Even your students are relying heavily on technology.
Then why should you be lagging behind.

Our Customers

What Our Digital Teachers Say

Rezaur Rahim

'e-Aarohan has made my life so easy. I can take quizzes and periodic tests & track the daily progress of my students.'

Sabarni Roy

'My students love the animations. Explaining complex science concepts have become so much easier and effortless for me.'

Susmita Dey

'Thank you, e-Aarohan. Very easy to use solution. And right under my budget.'

Farhaaz Khan

'The students, the teachers… everyone is talking about the content of e-Aarohan. And thanks to the digital marketing support. More and more students are coming in to get our help.'

What Our Students Say

Words of encouragement from some of the many happy faces we have served...
Pritam Das
“I used to get average scores in Science subjects. e-Aarohan digital classes has improved my understanding of the science subjects and increased my score by at least 25%.”
S. K. Imran
“The interactive and engaging nature of the e-Aarohan classes has increased my interest to study. I am now more confident of doing well in my exams.”
Amrita Biswas
“I like the digital and organized approach of the e-Aarohan classes very much. Most importantly these classes have increased my interest in Mathematics.”
Swaraj Mallik
“Conventional pen & paper method which other tutorials use is not always useful to explain complex topics. In e-Aarohan classes, we can visualize the complex topics and understand them easily.”
Nazrin Nomani
“Audio-visual approach of the classes helps us understand the basic concepts in less time. We can now devote more time for practice and revision of lessons”