Aspire to be a Digital Teacher?

Everything is going digital. Even your students are relying heavily on technology.
Then why should you be lagging behind.

About Us

Our Story

Our story goes back to 2015, one of our founders was visiting his hometown in a remote part of India. One morning, as he was walking by his school, he decided to pay a short visit. While peeking in, he saw a middle-aged teacher trying to help her students imagine how rainfall typically occurs. She made the students close their eyes while she slowly narrated the whole process with intricate details. Her narration ended with the sheer joy of the students... as if they had felt the joy of the first drop of rainfall on a parched land.

The seemingly innocent method of teaching showed the power of visualization. It also revealed how ill equipped our schools are even in this digital era, to help students learn even simple lessons that are taken for granted in the developed world. This fascinating experience revealed to us a great unsolved problem - how can we enable our teachers with digital tools at affordable prices so that every teacher can effortlessly nurture the young minds of today for a better tomorrow.

And… that’s our story; that’s why we do what we do.

Our Vision

Democratize quality education through digitization

Majority of students in developing nations go to public schools, which fails to provide the bare minimum quality of education. This leads to a significant knowledge gap in their formative years and grossly affecting their future.

Teachers across the developing world are trying, in their own creative ways, to provide the best learning experience to their students but are limited by access to digital technology, infrastructure and modern pedagogy. Quality digital learning tools & methodologies are still very expensive and require pricey infrastructure making it inaccessible to vast majority of the education pyramid.

We at e-Aarohan are trying to bridge this ever-widening learning gap between the haves & the have-nots by equipping teachers across geographies, with quality digital teaching tools in local languages that helps them provide the best in class education to their students at the fraction of cost. We believe our tools will help them provide each student the best learning experience they deserve and create a level playing field where all students can compete in equal terms towards a bright future.

Our Team

Chitravanu Mukherjee

Go Getter

Master project manager who gets things done. In love with technology.

Sumit Shah

Growth Hacker

Started and scaled multiple businesses from scratch.

Tapas Basu

Sense Checker

Decades of experience in financial planning & budgeting for small and mid-sized companies.

Ankur Basu

Intuitive Innovator

Passionate about innovation. Expert in conceptualizing & market testing new business ideas.

Pietro Zanotelli

Efficiency Maniac

A perfectionist and believer in continuous improvement. Can find ways to improve anything & everything.

Jonas Vetter

Money Man

Strong involvement with the European startup & VC community.


We are fortunate to be guided by highly experienced professionals from the fields of Education, Administration and Business.
Mr. Mark H. Friedman

Consultant – Business Model & Operations

Mark has decades of experience advising corporations in the U.S. and Europe on scaling new businesses, managing change and improving performance.

Mr. Vikram Singh Sankhala

Subject Matter Expert – Mathematics & Science

An IIT & IIM graduate, and an accomplished Indian revenue service officer. Long experience in coaching rural students for IIT entrance exams.

Dr. Moonmoon Chatterjee

Pedagogy Expert

Academician with 25 years of teaching experience. Has been associated with many Govt. Education Policy making bodies.

Mr. Niladri Sen

Subject Matter Expert - English

15 years of english teaching experience in K-12 schools. Regularly organizes education workshops to promote learning among students of backward classes.

Mrs. Sucharita Sengupta

Subject Matter Expert - Mathematics

20 years of teaching experience in Mathematics and Economics in K12 and undergraduate levels.